Dogs can begin classes at ten weeks of age. Behaviorists today feel that the consequences of waiting until a dog is fully inoculated before starting the training/socializing process are far worse than the minimal risk of having the pup with other dogs before the puppy is fully inoculated.

When the dog is submissive and acting calm. He will be holding his head low, with his ears relaxed and slightly back. He might curl into a circle. Basically, he is slinking himself smaller, telling you he does not wish to be the boss. You can give your dog all the love and affection you wish at this time.
No, absolutely not. Putting a dog that has OCD-like symptoms on medication is just covering up the problem rather than addressing the real issue. We need to look at the WHY. For the record, it is NOT genetic and certain dog breeds are NOT predisposed to it, however certain high-energy dogs are more likely to be lacking what they need as canines.
A dog that snaps is a dog that is communicating to you that he is your leader and he simply wishes that you leave him alone while he eats (leader eats first…it’s canine instinct). This is why it is so important to be 100% pack leader at all times, consistently.
Jumping on people, play biting, destructive chewing, getting on the furniture, nuisance barking, and housebreaking are a few of the behavioral problems that we successfully deal with on a daily basis. There are a few problems, like human aggression, that may require special training, but the vast majority of behavioral problems can be remedied by any of our training.
Animal aggression on walks is much more common than you might think. We probably get a call a week from people whose dogs exhibit this behavior. In most cases we can fix this issue with ease.