Dog Training

Dog training means modifying your dog’s behaviour in order to allow them to undertake specific tasks or to make them adapt to environments and eliminating bad behaviour.

At Canine MOe we do that -and more- by allowing the owner to fully understand his dog and train them accordingly and most importantly have fun during the process. Training your dog can realise enormous benefits for you and your amazing dog.

Train the Owner

Owning a dog is not just FUN, it is a huge responsibility. Dogs are dependent creatures, we must provide food and shelter at a minimum and lots and lots of love. Having a dog is your life is a serious commitment between you, your dog and also all family members. If you already own a dog, you need to rethink if you are fulfilling all your obligations as its owner.

At Canine MOe we take this commitment very seriously as it is our mission to make the owner fully aware of his dog’s capabilities, personality and behaviour. There’s a saying “there is no bad dog, only a bad owner”.

Social Classes

Most dog owners believe that it is best to socialise your dog when they are at a puppy age, well, it should be earlier than that, from three to twelve weeks of age is the ideal age to socialise. Puppies should be exposed to new smells, sights, and perceptions to overcome their fear of new things. Dogs who were not exposed to socializing may develop aggression, fear and anxiety towards other dogs and humans.

At Canine MOe we do this perfectly by allowing puppies to socialise with other dogs, humans in different situations under professional supervision to achieve the best result possible. Also, we provide adult dogs with the ability to overcome their aggression or bad behaviour in such cases.

Training Saves Your Dog’s Life

Training your dog makes him very responsive to your commands, this enables you to control your dog’s behaviours in case of emergency situations under the Obedience and Protection training. Also, it allows your dog to stay fit and strong which improves his overall health both mentally and physically.

At Canine MOe we have different packages and approaches that suit you and your dog. Rest assured that the professionals at Canine MOe will do anything and everything to make sure your dog gets the best service.

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